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You acknowledge that you are at legal age to purchase our online services provided by  You cannot access or use this website, if you are an underage person.

1. Definitions

In this online order form, hereinafter referred to as " Terms and Conditions or User Agreement", the following definitions have the meaning as explained below (in alphabetical order). These definitions will be used in this document with a capital letter.

"Candidate" refers to an individual who wants to be employed as an editor and submitted online form.

"Chief Editor" refers to an individual employed by the Company to perform all processes, confirm the edited or proofread paper by editors and find the perfect assignee for the work. 

"Customer or Client" means and refers to an individual who is submitting an online order to the website.

"Customer Service or Team" is members of the firm in charge of offering technical and informational help to the Customer or Client with the purpose of the most effective completion of an online order and to make sure to make sure your questions and queries are answered momentarily.

"Company" refers to

"Editor or Writer" refers to an individual employed by the Company on freelance basis to complete and deliver the paper.

"Get Quote or Order" refers to a written paper of a standard electronic form that is one of the accepted forms by the Website and submitted online by the Customer or Client to the Website for the purpose of getting an edited or proofread service.

"Sample Paper or Sample" refers to a sample of manuscript such as essay, article, research, assignment, and project paper, in an electronic format that is drafted and delivered to the Customer or Client in accordance with customer’s order instructions.

"Services" refer to editing, proofreading, writing, and academic counseling provided by the Website and purchased by the Customer or Client via the Online form on the Website.

"Website" means and refers to

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1. Services
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1. Fees
2. Payments
3. Refund Policy

When reasonable grounds occur

When Order has not been assigned or not completed

When making several payments

When the right Editor cannot be assigned

When the work is delivered late

1. Editor and Writer requirements: welcomes all applicants sharing our values. We reserve the following requirements for editors and writers:

If you think you share our values and meet these qualifications, fill out the candidate form online or get in touch with our career division and our chief editor will evaluate the application. 

Please consider: due to the amount of applications we receive, we may not reply to all applications.

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