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7 Effectual Tips for Writing A Persuasive Cover Letter for Journal Paper Submission

The cover letter acts as the first impression that the authors or their work will have on the editor. It can be contemplated as the “sales pitch” of the conducted research and the submitted work. It, therefore, deserves meticulous attention and should never be written half-heartedly. This article discusses how to write a persuasive cover letter for journal submission and presents an easy-to-follow rubric that will help you draft an impeccable cover letter.

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8 Useful Tips to Write a Cover Letter

Penning an effective cover letter is a challenging and critical part of the job application. The statistics suggest that only one in two cover letters is read, meaning that with a 50% probability, a cover letter could help you. Yet, before writing, learn more about the company and the job you are applying for. You may catch the hiring manager's or recruiter's attention, providing that you have a solid opening line. In the beginning, having a personal connection within the company and mentioning it might help, too.

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How to Write an Effective Cover Letter for a Resume: 10 Effective Tips

There are several naive job seekers who waste their valuable time and energy designing their resumes instead of writing an eye-catching cover letter. It is too often people looking for a job neglect the importance of a cover letter. This article shows you 10 tips to write a persuasive cover letter for a resume and presents a short guide that will help you draft an impeccable cover letter for a resume.

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