Top 5 Free Online Journal and Research Databases for Academics

Research databases are the foundation of any dissertation or research paper. Scanning through previous findings and research is a key factor while compiling your research proposal or a thesis. Here we discuss the top 5 free online journal and research databases for academics.


Top 5 Free Online Journal and Research Databases for Academics

This article provides the top 5 free online journals and research databases for students and researchers. To give you an opportunity to practice proofreading, we have left a few spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors in the text. See if you can spot them! If you spot the errors correctly, you will be entitled to a 10% discount. 

Research databases are the foundation of any dissertation or research paper. Scanning through previous findings and research is a key factor while compiling your research proposal or a thesis.

Essential features of an online research database

While choosing an online research database, it is critical for an analyst to choose the one that is reliable and belongs to a trusted source. However, when you go around looking for online research databases on the Internet, a majority of them ask for subscription fees, while the free ones seem to be inept. 

Therefore, here is a list of some online journal database that is:

  • Free

  • Refined with proprietary resources

  • Possess wholesome in-depth indexing

Here goes the list:

1- ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen has been a big name in the online research database networks for a long time. It has been a powerful tool for backing up research facts and data ever since its launch. Some features of ScienceOpen are as follows:

  • It was launched in 2013 with a goal to extend the open source of information to all scholars out there.

  • The company's motto was to initiate the free flow of ideas between the scholars, regardless of their background and status.

  • Although the website will ask you to register before extending the full-view facility, the registration is free of cost.

  • It has an advanced research function that is detailed, which enables easy tracking of the research facts you are looking for.

  • Moreover, the network has grown to offer access to about 28 million research articles in all scientific areas.

Online journal and research databases

2- Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholars is the best online research database resource out there. It offers the best of services without charging a single penny. The approach here is unique and efficient as it makes use of AI (artificial intelligence) to effectively sort through the huge clusters of data and provide you with the required information.

Some of the essential features of Semantic Scholar include:

  • It works on keywords; the AI responds to the terms you enter and sorts out the most relevant articles quickly.

  • Furthermore, some articles are sealed behind paywalls, promising to offer better quality. But you can just look at the ones that are free.

  • Most importantly, the site offers two extensive features called:

    • Search by brain region

    • Search by cell type, which makes your findings both efficient and easy to handle.

Semantic scholar Online journal and research databases

3- CIA World Factbook

To be specific, the CIA World Factbook does not fall under the category of online research database or repository. However, it is a competent tool that lets you find facts and information regarding every country with a single click.

The features of the CIA World Factbook are as follows:

  • It is not precisely an online research directory, but it does deliver information about all kinds of academic topics.

  • It works as a database that offers information on a multitude of different disciplinary topics.

  • Every article is open for access and reliable.

  • The information database here goes beyond science. The CIA World Factbook contains a myriad of information about:

    • Geography

    • Transportation

    • History etc.

CIA World Factbook Online journal and research databases


CORE is a research material aggregator that provides free access to about 66 million disciplinary articles.

Some of the features of CORE includes:

  • It is free and provides a platform to easily skim through the written materials.

  • The website holds numerous links to full-length articles relevant to the terms you searched.

  • Also, the website contains articles related to the research topics within itself.

  • Therefore, CORE projects both direct links to articles as well as host articles on the same website.

  • Additionally, CORE offers advanced search filters like:

    • Filter using language

    • Filter based on publication type

    • Also, filter based on publishing year

    • Filter based on specific authors

    • Or filters including specific repositories, making the searching process in CORE relatively easier than any other online research database.

CORE Online journal and research databases

5- Education Resources Information Centre

Often abbreviated as ERIC, the Education Resources Information Centre is a tool compiled to provide links to full-length academic articles. The website does not host articles directly rather provides you with links that are relevant to the topics you searched.

The features of ERIC are as follows:

  • It is a tool run by the Institution of Education Sciences that provides a direct link to articles containing academic information.

  • These links direct you to other sites from where you can pick information. Although some links may take you to paywall articles, most of these links lead to free articles.

  • Every source on ERIC is reviewed before being indexed, so it is the most reliable source for gathering information.

ERIC Online journal and research databases

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Online journal and research databases

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