How to Write the Best Theoretical Framework for Your Dissertation

A theoretical framework primarily supports the idea of a research study. It bears all the theories that prove the essence and importance of any research. In a nutshell, it is developed to explain the research and comprehend its circumstances. It may involve all the theory-based logic behind the importance and existence of your research in academics. This step-by-step guide discusses how to build a theoretical framework for a dissertation.


How to Write the Best Theoretical Framework for Your Dissertation

This step-by-step guide discusses how to write the best theoretical framework for a dissertation. To give you an opportunity to practice proofreading, we have left a few spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors in the text. See if you can spot them! If you spot the errors correctly, you will be entitled to a 10% discount.

A theoretical framework primarily supports the idea of a research study. It bears all the theories that prove the essence and importance of any research. In a nutshell, it is developed to explain the research and comprehend its circumstances. It may involve all the theory-based logic behind the importance and existence of your research in academics.

Importance of theoretical framework in dissertation

In a dissertation, a theoretical framework helps researchers align the concept of research with existing scholarly literature. It demonstrates relevant theories related to research to make all the arguments stronger and form the research an informative piece of paper. It strengthens your study and philosophical aspects on a particular subject in a formal way.

Moreover, it helps a researcher understand the scope of generalization. Involving the theories in a research paper helps researchers in self-questioning and finding more solid logic as well as arguments on the importance of the research paper.

Simple steps to create an outstanding theoretical framework

1. Understand the review of literature

Before proceeding to any dissertation, you need to have a clear idea of the gaps and scope to fill all those gaps. You need to research a lot to identify the scholarly journals and theories of others and how they are related to your research.

Understanding this entire scenario helps you comprehend the review of the literature and write an outstanding theoretical framework on your dissertation topic. It is also necessary to comprehend if a dissertation involves any current theories and studies. Without understanding the key findings and questioning your dissertation topic from multiple aspects, your entire research and theoretical framework may seem redundant.

2. Evaluate your purpose to develop a theoretical framework

Understanding the importance of developing a theoretical framework lets your readers comprehend the scope and the goal of your dissertation. It also offers the researchers direction to write. As a proper plan is important to finish any construction work, a theoretical framework is essential to form a flawless dissertation. In any theoretical frameworks, some points need to be included, such as:

  • The definition and explanation of concepts

  • The context behind the concept

  • Importance of published literature related to your research. (Citations need to be included).

  • Gaps in your research paper and imitations experienced by previous researchers need to be highlighted.

In a nutshell, you need to show the reasons for your dissertation, past developments on the same topic by other researchers, and how they hold the significance of your dissertation.

Theoretical Framework for Your Dissertation

3. Align the theoretical framework with your dissertation

We have previously highlighted that the entire framework is subjected to support your idea. Now, it is time to align all the past theories with the topic of your dissertation. Here, you need to mention and justify all the theories in your theoretical framework.

Before proceeding, please ensure that chosen theories are not redundant. It should complement your research rather than create confusion. Here, you have a chance to show your philosophical knowledge and writing skills to combine various theories in your way to support your research scientifically. One can use theories to interpret the final results.

4. Mention the exact points rather than bragging it page after page

You are indeed allowed to explain all the theories but don't brag about all the theories. Try writing the entire framework within three to five pages or as per the volume of your entire dissertation or research. You need to mention all the related points along with maintaining the length. Researchers often seek professional assistance to justify the length and consistency of the theoretical frameworks.

5. Don’t forget to utilize models and graphics

A theoretical framework emphasizes clarifying all the generalizations and theories used in your dissertation. It is always a great idea to use different academic models to support your research. Researchers can even use graphics maintaining the particular format of the dissertation.

6. Is there any particular structure to follow?

Generally, researchers put the theoretical framework in the literature review section after explaining the overview, strategies, and analysis. However, if a particular research paper deals with complex ideas, researchers can create a separate section for the theoretical framework.

No matter where and how you include this section, make sure it is logical and complementary to your dissertation study.

You may use this checklist before submission

Before submission, please check these basic points from the checklist to justify the strength of your theoretical framework.

  • All the theories are briefly explained.

  • The theoretical framework follows the proper

  • All the information and theories are related to your concept.

  • All the gaps are properly mentioned and covered.

  • Theories and explanations demonstrate the validity of your research.

  • All the models and graphics are properly included.

  • Check if the research question is properly answered.

  • You have taken assistance from proofreading and editing expert to ensure consistency from every aspect.

Theoretical Framework for Your Dissertation

Note: The piece should be free from plagiarism and must not include any grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Don’t forget to get your dissertation checked by proofreading or editing experts. A proofreading and editing expert checks your entire paper and makes necessary corrections in terms of grammar, punctuation, tone, sentence construction, etc., and ensures your dissertation is error-free.

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Theoretical Framework for Your Dissertation

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Theoretical Framework for Your Dissertation

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