How Can You Write a Thesis Statement?

What is most critical is that your thesis statement should reflect the primary points of your paper or essay. Its most frequent place is at the end of the introduction section. Based on the essay you are penning, your thesis may look different. Nevertheless, the essential idea must be in your thesis statement so that people can comprehend your fundamental idea. What is left in your essay should relate to the main idea.


How Can You Write a Thesis Statement?

Based on the essay you are penning, your thesis may look different. Nevertheless, the essential idea must be in your thesis statement so that people can comprehend your fundamental idea. What is left in your essay should relate to the main idea.

Here is an example of a thesis statement: Studying abroad is a one-of-a-kind, culturally invaluable experience you may have in college. It will immerse you completely in another language and learn how other cultures and countries differ from yours. Writing your thesis statement may involve the following steps:

  1. Begin with an exciting question

  2. Pen your initial answer

  3. Elaborate on your answer

  4. Elevate your thesis statement further

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is about summarizing the primary items of your essay. The reader can tell what the essay is all about by looking at it.

Thesis statements should have the following traits:

  • Precise:Brevity and conciseness—do not be wordy. Clearly state your objective and be direct in one or two sentences.

  • Intriguing:Your thesis should be beyond what everybody knows. A prime thesis statement must require additional evidence or analysis to support it.

  • Consistent:You must convincingly uphold and explain everything mentioned in your thesis statement.

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Where does a thesis statement go?

A thesis statement is usually at the end of your essay or research paper introduction.

Sample of an essay introduction

Global climate change is a crisis affecting everyone, rich and poor, young and old. It manifests itself from rising ocean levels to increased temperature extremes. Thus, the world is changing for good for everyone. Can you imagine how your life can be radically different in the coming years?

Let us look at the steps of your thesis statement.

1. Begin with an exciting question 

At the beginning of your writing process, you must find an initial thesis, usually a working thesis. After deciding on your essay topic, you must consider what you wish to talk about it. Do not forget! A clear thesis is what makes your essay coherent and readily followable.

Your assignment may already possess a question. However, if the reverse is true, you should discover a unique one. Ask yourself what you wish to learn and what your subject should be?

For instance, you may have a question like this:

Has COVID-19 had a positive or negative impact on education?


What impacts did COVID-19 have on developing and developed nations? In what ways do they differ?

2. Pen your initial answer

Initial research may help you formulate a quick answer to this question. It may be simple at this stage, but it should stimulate your research and writing.

COVID-19 has had an apparent adverse effect on education. The result is worse in developing nations.

3. Elaborate on your answer

You need to justify your answer and convince your readers so that they agree with you. The more you read about your topic and begin writing, the more detailed your answers will get.

In your essay about COVID-19, the thesis will remark on your stand and determine the critical arguments you need to support it.

Here is an argumentative thesis statement.

The negatives of COVID-19 for education should be considered from an online education perspective. Some people may not even have access to the Internet.

Your essay on the effect of COVID-19 on developing and developed nations must summarize the issues related to the historical background of developing and developed countries.

The following is an expository thesis statement.

COVID-19 has changed the lives of people tremendously. However, the discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine was a watershed moment, changing the course of the pandemic.

4. Elevate your thesis statement further

A solid thesis statement should inform the reader by answering the following questions:

  • Why do you defend what you defend?
  • What are the critical points of your argument or narrative? ·

. What will the readers learn from your essay?

The final thesis statement is beyond expressing your stand on the issue. It should wrap up your overall argument or the issue you are about to explain. Reinforcing a weak thesis statement will broaden the perspective of your subject.

Example: Strengthened thesis statement on COVID-19 effect on education. The negatives of online education can be outweighed by its pros: Most students will have easier access to information and can learn different teaching perspectives. Moreover, the learning environment is exceedingly flexible.

Example: Reinforced thesis statement on the effect of COVID-19 on developing and developed nations. People in developed countries have easier access to health facilities than those in developing nations. The level of development directly or indirectly affects the vulnerability rate of people. Although affluence does not seem directly related to the negative effect of COVID-19, at first sight, people in developing nations will experience more problems due to the simple fact that their access to health is limited.

These examples precisely depict that the topic should be explored further in-depth.

What are the types of thesis statements?

Your essay’s goals and your thesis statement should align nicely. However, it will significantly depend on the essay you are penning.

  • Argumentative essaysuggests that your thesis statement should have a solid stand. You aim to convince your reader that your thesis depends on evidence and logical reasoning.

  • Expository essayimplies that your aim includes explaining the facts of a topic or process. Your thesis statement doesn’t necessarily encompass a definite opinion in this circumstance. However, it should have the primary points you wish to make and explore the critical elements.

What are frequently asked questions about thesis statements?

  • What do we mean by a thesis statement?

  • Why should I require a thesis statement?

  • How can I discover a thesis statement?

  • Where do you put the thesis statement in an essay?

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