How to Choose a Dissertation Editor in 3 Steps

The benefits of leveraging the services of a dissertation editor are far and wide. They augment the quality of a dissertation by a significant margin, are reliable, and take from scholars the stress of editing. But, when it comes to choosing the right editor(s), the process can prove difficult and complex. Hence, to hire excellent editors for their purpose(s) without wasting much time, scholars should observe the aforementioned tips meticulously.


How to Choose a Dissertation Editor in 3 Steps

Writing the dissertation draft is only half the work done. The other half, called editing, entails scrutinizing the manuscript to correct all grammatical, factual and structural errors, address tonal inconsistencies, ensure proper citations, and ultimately polish the text to warrant an explicit delivery of its central idea to the readers.

Editing, along with proofreading, is vital to strengthening the credibility of a dissertation. But it is also a challenging undertaking, requiring a considerable amount of time and mental resources. Thus, even after editing their dissertations for hours, scholars can feel something is still missing. A professional dissertation editor, in such scenarios, can prove tremendously helpful.

Professional editors know the weak areas of a dissertation and the habitual writing mistakes of scholars. Thus, they can detect any anomaly in a manuscript with more incredible speed and precision than an average scholar. Furthermore, working with a professional editor allows scholars to gather constructive and valuable feedback.

These editors can teach scholars several tips and best practices to write better dissertations (and other academic documents). Thus, professional editors are an asset for scholars who can considerably improve the quality of a dissertation. However, these assets are a rarity. And finding one that satisfies all the requisites put forward by a scholar is a complex and taxing undertaking.

This article addresses some of the prominent concerns scholars associate with selecting dissertation editors. It recommends a few tips that scholars can use to devise a targeted strategy for choosing professional editors. Therefore, readers looking to get their dissertations edited at the hands of professionals should readily implement what this article proposes.

Tips for choosing a dissertation editor

One can employ the following tips to look for editors for other academic/professional documents as well and not just dissertations.

1. Listing and ascertaining the editing requirements

The ideal approach to searching for an editor is to lay down specific search parameters for more targeted and fruitful scouting. Thus, scholars should make a list of all their editing requirements before hiring an editor for their dissertations.

A typical list of editing requisites includes:

i. The extent of editing (proofreading only)

The degree of editing a manuscript needs is variable. Some scholars possess formidable editing skills and only want professional editors to "double-check" their work and offer a second perspective. However, there are others (the majority) whose manuscripts require advanced, in-depth editing to rectify the errors. Thus, a scholar should decide whether their dissertation needs extensive editing or just a surface-level skim and accordingly plan their next step(s).

ii. Specific specialization(s)

Scholars aiming for journal publications want higher contextual accuracy in their dissertations. Thus, they should seek the services of an editor holding specialization(s) in the respective subject matter(s).

iii. Temporal constraints

Time is another factor that scholars need to keep in mind when hiring an editor. Regardless of how good an editor is, hiring them will be in vain if they cannot promise to edit the manuscript by the submission deadline.

iv. Budget

Professional editors do a commendable job of enhancing a dissertation. But they charge a price for it that, although adequate for them, is lofty for scholars with little financial security. Therefore, one should look for editors who strike a balance between price and value. An ideal way to do so is to conduct price vs. service-value comparisons and list a few potential editors. Then, scholars can proceed to pick one that serves their needs the best.

Dissertation editor

2. Seeking “local” editors

Once all the editing requisites are in place, the next step is to look for suitable editors.

To begin with, scholars should look for editors/editing services available in their area. A practical way to do so is to reach out to the local academia and seek out recommended editors. Scholars can also contact their university/college and inquire about any editing/proofreading services connected to the institution.

3. Deciding between freelance editors and editing services

If scholars cannot find editors of good caliber locally, the next step is to turn to the internet. The web houses a plethora of academic editing and proofreading services that offer great value for money. These services comprise teams of specialized editors who are thorough with their work and highly professional.

Then, there are freelance academic editors who charge slightly less but are a little lacking in the "manpower" department. One can find them on websites such as Upwork and Freelancer. Scholars should consider the four "editing requisites" mentioned in tip #1 to decide whether to hire freelance editors or full-fledged editing services.

How to choose a dissertation editor: Synopsis

The benefits of leveraging the services of a dissertation editor are far and wide. They augment the quality of a dissertation by a significant margin, are reliable, and take from scholars the stress of editing. But, when it comes to choosing the right editor(s), the process can prove difficult and complex. Hence, to hire excellent editors for their purpose(s) without wasting much time, scholars should observe the aforementioned tips meticulously.

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This article gives you some helpful tips to choose a dissertation editor. To give you an opportunity to practice proofreading, we have left a few spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors in the text. See if you can spot them! If you spot the errors correctly, you will be entitled to a 10% discount.

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