4 Common Editing and Proofreading Mistakes

To err is human, and the same applies to the field of editing and proofreading. No matter how much of an expert you are or how much experience you have, you are bound to make mistakes. Especially for a field like this, where you need to be meticulous, it is natural for you to miss out on words or make some typing errors. This article is more targeted toward people who are new to editing and proofreading and want to avoid making mistakes.


4 Common Editing and Proofreading Mistakes

This article discusses 4 common editing and proofreading mistakes. To give you an opportunity to practice proofreading, we have left a few spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors in the text. See if you can spot them! If you spot the errors correctly, you will be entitled to a 10% discount.

To err is human, and the same applies to the field of editing and proofreading. No matter how much of an expert you are or how much experience you have, you are bound to make mistakes. Especially for a field like this, where you need to be meticulous, it is natural for you to miss out on words or make some typing errors. This article is more targeted toward people who are new to editing and proofreading and want to avoid making mistakes.

Common editing and proofreading mistakes

First of all, let us get it out of the way by telling you the truth — you will make mistakes and errors, and there is no way around it. However, what you can do is be aware of what could possibly go wrong. That way, you will know where and what to look for.

In this article, we will go over the most common mistakes and problems that people face while they are editing and proofreading. After reading this article, you will be aware of the potential areas where you probably made a mistake and hence, rectify it easily.

1. Relying too much on others

There are too many aids and services nowadays to help with editing and proofreading. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, later, we will talk about how you should rely on them. But, when the extent is too much, that is when issues occur.

Some authors make the grave mistake of completing their work and leaving it entirely on the editor or digital tools to deal with the mistakes and changes. However, understand that the content is yours, and no one understands it better than you. Editors and digital aids can simply help make it better, but that’s all.

Therefore, no matter how big or short the text is, you should check it yourself first and participate in the whole editing and proofreading process.

2. Feeling too familiar with the content

This issue is the most natural of all the barriers. When you spend too much time dedicated to content, you get too familiar with it. This occurs to the point where you cannot see the text for itself and start predicting it in your head. The result is that you overlook the actual state of the text, hence ignoring the errors and mistakes.

This is the sole reason why getting a third person on board for editing and proofreading is a must. A third person’s point of view will help the text take a refreshing breath. The errors and mistakes will easily pop up, and you can fix them while refining them.

3. Immediately jumping into editing

Another grave mistake that authors on deadline commit — immediately jumping into editing as soon as they finish writing. Please, refrain from doing so. The fact that you are already too familiar with the text does not help but editing and proofreading immediately can do more harm than good.

As the writer, your head is still abuzz with the ideas, and your editing can reflect that. The result will be poorly edited, all over the place content that will not be worth it. Our recommendation is to give yourself and your content a break. Once you are done writing, take time off before you start with the editing process.

4. Skipping out on digital help

Lastly, we would like to focus on the need for reliance on digital aids. Yes, we are living in a digital world, and yes, you should rely on them conveniently. There are some amazing professional tools out there that can help refine your content and help increase its quality.

These tools may be paid or free, whichever is convenient to you. But the end line is that they are all out there waiting for you to make use of them. The only condition here is, as mentioned in the first point, not to rely on them entirely. Utilize them smartly, and your work will be the best version of itself.

Editing and proofreading tips

So, those are the biggest red areas where you can go wrong with editing and proofreading. However, with time and practice, you will get better at spotting your mistakes and refining your editing and proofreading skills. Here are some additional tips to help you with it:

  • Hire a reliable editing and proofreading service

  • Read aloud your text to spot mistakes easily

  • Do not write in bulk. Instead, break your text into small sections for easy writing and editing

  • Do not overlook fact-checking and make it a prominent part of your editing and proofreading process

4 Editing and proofreading mistakes

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Editing and proofreading mistakes

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Editing and proofreading mistakes

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